<a href="http://rainstation.bandcamp.com/album/fancy-fancy">Summer Home by Rain Station</a>

I don’t remember a thing about this recording. I remember making the CD cover artwork, and I remember recording Summer Home, Widdershins, and Quiet Morning… it’s such a blurr. Mark, do you know the story of this disc? It seems to have about 3 different worlds compiled into one project. There are the tunes with Tony and Brian, the stuff you and Brian made, but where was I at that time? Did I return to Maine for a while? What do you remember about the process of making this disc?

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  1. Hey Jivin’ Jay Moores. I checked out all of your albums at Bandcamp, and in my opinion, I’d say that this album is the “lightest” of the bunch. I found myself listening to tracks from this album the most over the past couple of days.

    When your voice first comes in on “Solitude” I get chills. It’s like your voice is coming from a storm cloud. The rain is definitely falling heavy on that song.

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