Living Room Sessions

<a href="">Blanket Of Dreams by Rain Station</a>
I am so happy that Mark could get this recording onto bandcamp’s way cool site. This is a set of songs I wrote. It’s just Mark and I playing acoustic guitars and singing into his DAT player. Recorded in the living room at the Rain Station (which was a little house off 45th and Lawton in the Sunset of San Francisco). I gotta record a couple of these songs in a studio some day. They have potential. I guess that’s what I love about this recording. It’s immediate, live, and real. This is what Rain Station sounds like LIVE- campy, kooky, stoney…


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  1. Mark Harvey Avatar
    Mark Harvey

    I’m really happy that I got it up there…those songs are amazing…”I gotta record a couple of these songs in a studio some day”…uh…dude…how about someday in my studio once I get ProTools? That’s a plan my man! Happy Birthday (by the way).

  2. jason Avatar

    Happy Birthday, Jay- older, wiser, stronger, better! Thanks for the music guys.

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