Criminal Goat

I still dig this 4 track recording. It is from a time when we just plugged into the old 4-track and whoever was around added a bass, guitar, or something. After a while, I had all sorts of great tracks. I noticed that the best tracks had Mark on them. Criminal Goat is a collection of the songs with Mark, and Rain Station was born. We’ve continued to record off and on when time permits for the past 800 years. It’s an amazing track record if nothing else. Criminal Goat is a clunky, strange, home recording. It’s very improv based, and raw. I still get a good creative vibe off it. I like to draw while I listen. I draw really weird stuff too. It’s a project that just keeps giving, and it’s here now for your pleasure, or pain… Criminal Goat by Rain Station.


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  1. Mark Harvey Avatar
    Mark Harvey

    Criminal Goat brings me back to the days hanging out in your Mission St. apartment – strange roommates – taquerias – sitting on the billboard ledge – and enjoying life. I am so happy that Rain Station was born – so happy that for so many years our friendship has grown and that we’re brothers. I can’t wait to see what the next 800 years brings us. I need to be independently wealthy so I can devote my time to recording music.

  2. Hoagie Malone Avatar
    Hoagie Malone

    You could be independently poor and devote your time to recording music. Either way, at the end, you have the music.

  3. Hey Fire Dog Family,
    Spent the afternoon listening to 80’s Boston RnR and checking out Roger Millers new endeavors. It was an invigorating afternoon. Did a lot of shower singing at the computer. My new roommate likes Ghost Walks. To bad there not around any more. Nothing out there in cyber space about them either. They just got buried alive so to speak. I went out to a show last night and it was really great. These friend have a band that has the daughter of Kip Brown singing and writing in this lineup and they are really good. Old punk style with great musical choreography. Everyone plays really great too. Didn’t get the band name but I will. I told them to fire the sound man cause he wasn’t there and did a bad job and offer them my services. The band that proceeded them had a singer who performed in his sox and underwear. They were pretty rough, and noisy. Mucho mosh dancing.
    Good fun and great to listen to you two, too. Breaks up a bit but still sounded great.

  4. Fire Dog Lover Avatar
    Fire Dog Lover

    Fade away is great !!

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