Close Your Eyes

2020 was really tough on my family. My sister is a nurse, and she had her elderly mom and dad living with her. Between tests, she caught and brought home Covid, and both her parents got it and died, including the cat! It was a huge loss to our family, and we are all still a bit lost and confused.

My aunt and uncle are now my only elders. I was talking with my aunt and she asked me if I believed in a Heaven where we are all reunited with our loved ones. I told her that I believe that whatever we believe our brain gives us. Our last few seconds of life feel like an eternity on the other side. I told her that I believed we close our eyes and we see the one we love. I believe our loved ones come and get us. Where they bring us really doesn’t matter, as long as we are together.

This song is about that. Wishing we had more time with the ones we love, and wishing we get that time with them in an afterlife. So often we fall down the wishing well of life with good intentions, but get swept away and not ever notice how many dreams have passed us by. Time is what people want more of. It’s the only real currency. We want more time so we can spend it with the ones we love.

We can only hope that all those things we wish we had done during life are still possible in Heaven. The only regrets we have on our death bed are the things we wished we had done, but didn’t, even though all the elements were within our grasp. This is a reminder to take some time for the ones you love while you are still on this side of life. Include yourself in there too. I really want to thank you for listening to my songs about love and life. From my heart to yours. Big hugs for all!


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