Category: Jay E Moores

  • Winding Wind

    Winding Wind

    I’m gearing up for my 60th birthday, and if there’s one thing you do at this age is bury a lot of people. It seems there is always someone dying. This album of songs is all about my love of family, but at this age, I have lost so many elders. These are my stories…

  • Weird Tales Playlist

    Weird Tales Playlist

    I recently set up a recording studio so I could get back into recording some of my songs. I started out with a crazy project called Groon Radio just to loosen up and get into the swing of things. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I am now working on a new…

  • I Love Driving My Car

    I Love Driving My Car

    This years data concludes that carbon emissions are at an all time high. This year marks the fourth highest increase ever recorded. Here’s a stupid video about it all.

  • Nursey


    Nursey is now on Spotify I have found a new addiction, and it’s playing around with A.I. technology. I buy tokens, and I have to spend 30 tokens every time I generate an image. I have to write my description, and the A.I. makes the art. I get four different images each time, hoping at…

  • Land of the Home

    Land of the Home

    Land of the Home. Free of the Brave. Music and Animation by Jay E Moores. Now on Spotify! When I was a kid I asked my grandfather why he walked with a limp. He told me a story about how he got injured in World War II. During the Battle of the Bulge he said…

  • Snow Day

    Snow Day

    It snowed hard here in Maine. As I looked out into the backyard and the snow was accumulating fast, this song appeared in my head. I began to sing it. Then it got stuck in Miss Hazel’s head. So we grabbed the kid’s Mac and recorded our little Snow Day song so it can get…

  • Fly Away

    Fly Away

    Fly Away by Jay E Moores is also on Spotify So after 17 long years my dog Cosmo died here at home in Miss Hazel’s arms, which makes him a very lucky dog. He was my recording buddy, his toe nails click clacking across the wood floor every time I tried to record a track.…

  • End Of A Long Vacation

    Maine has claimed the name Vacationland on her license plates because in the few short weeks of the summer, life is as good as it gets on planet earth. Lucky folk migrate north east to our wild and wooly state, and brave the temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (with a mild breeze so you can…

  • I Am Alive ~ YouTube

    I Am Alive ~ YouTube

    I am slow but surely getting my crazy animated videos up for my songs. As I complete each one I post it on YouTube into a playlist. Listen to my new album, I Am Alive, and watch my strange animated videos. Thank you!