Fly Away by Jay E Moores is also on Spotify

Cosmo wins Best Trick at the dog show! If you make a hoop with your arms – he jumps through!

So after 17 long years my dog Cosmo died here at home in Miss Hazel’s arms, which makes him a very lucky dog. He was my recording buddy, his toe nails click clacking across the wood floor every time I tried to record a track. He’s buried out in our Puja Circle, one of his favorite places to stand in the sun, sniff flowers, and nibble grass. He did it every morning during the warm months here in Maine. I wrote a ton of songs about good old Cosmo over the years, he had so much character for a wee little Rat Terrier. The kids loved him so. Fly Away is the song where Cosmo gets his angel wings and flies away. Thank you little doggie.


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