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I have found a new addiction, and it’s playing around with A.I. technology. I buy tokens, and I have to spend 30 tokens every time I generate an image. I have to write my description, and the A.I. makes the art. I get four different images each time, hoping at least one is what you are hoping for.

Every time I write a new description, and wait for my four pieces of artwork, I get a huge thrill from the ups and lows. It can take about a minute or so for the artificial intelligence to make the art, and then it downloads to your computer. It’s a short wait, but it builds so much anticipation waiting to see what you get. It’s a total dopamine rush. When I describe what I want really well, I get what I ask for, and the results are spectacular. When I am too vague, I have just spent money on a bum batch of art that I can’t use. The bad results make me want to have another go by refining my terms.

Writing the query is like searching on Google, but instead, you’re searching your imagination. If you have ever had to speak in such a literal fashion to get what you want from a stubborn 10 year old, you are ready to make A.I. art. You have to go into details and be very descriptive, so it’s a fun challenge to try and figure out how to communicate with the machine, and collaborate to make wonderfully disturbing images.

Since I love all things slightly unsettling, artificial intelligence tweaks my brain each time it wraps a third leg, or merges arms into the chair a character is sitting in, I like how it hurts my brain. I want to make sense of it all, but it doesn’t always make sense. It looks all normal at first, but then you notice that it’s not right. Something is wrong, and it’s not from this universe at all.


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