CaliforniaI recorded the vocal track over and over today on RS-11. I tried every voice I have. Deep, dark and close to the mic, big and loud far away from the mic… soft and stoney… this is the closest I got so far. A regular relaxed, just “me” voice. I’ll try to learn the song from here, and record a better vocal later on. It takes a while for it all to sink in. These raw versions really help me prepare for the final sessions. Hopefully Mark will be over Sunday to juice up what I’ve recorded thus far.

California is a song I wrote in 1997 after I moved from the Bay Area to New York City. I missed California, and it was getting to me. I only lived in NY for a few years, and returned to CA, my adopted home. This place just has a vibe I jive with.

Here’s the latest tune: RS-11.mp3


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