Get Outta The Way

Get Outta The WayWhen you’ve gotta get there and get the job done. Who else is gonna do it? No one. You’re gonna do it. This song is for driving down the road. Driving down the road going to work. You’re gonna get the job done. And when it’s done it’s gonna be done right, and then you go home. It’s all in a day’s work. Now get outta the way.

Listen hear: RS-16.mp3


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  1. I got a weird visual while listening to the song and reading your post–

    I’d imagine this is how a superhero(In this case it is Hoagie Malone) would feel. Wake up in the morning;put the outfit on; jump in the batmobile(or whatever–Hoagiemobile) and go save the day– again. He has the routine down, so just get out of the way and let him do what he needs to do, you know? The day is probably a blur just going from here to there– wherever duty calls. Save the world. Go home. Repeat the next day. It is a blessing and a curse lifestyle.

  2. Hoagie Malone Avatar
    Hoagie Malone

    That’s funny, and the same way I felt when recording it. People drive a lot in America. Commuting to work, getting around. I did the math, and most people spend over 2 weeks a year in their car. Mark has to drive several hundred miles before he can get over here again to record. I was hoping this song would just speed it all up. Thanks for listening!!!

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