Hey everyone…Mark Harvey here…

I’m working on getting every tune from “Criminal Goat” posted up at Mark Harvey World (here) for your downloading pleasure. The new project Jay and I are working on is a lot like “Criminal Goat” in that we’re recording over at Jay’s place with beats he has recorded and a free form recording style that lends itself to just going with it.
As I prepare to put all 15 songs up I decided I’d post something over here as well and add a link to the Flash “video” Jay made of “Dandylions” (here). I enjoy listening to “Criminal Goat” as there is something truly timeless about the CD. I hope you stop over at my world and download the tracks as I make them available.
Be sure to stop by RainStation.com as well since you never know when you’ll see a new track posted – or a video of Jay doing something.
Thanks for stopping by,
Mark Harvey

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