End Of A Long Vacation

Maine has claimed the name Vacationland on her license plates because in the few short weeks of the summer, life is as good as it gets on planet earth. Lucky folk migrate north east to our wild and wooly state, and brave the temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (with a mild breeze so you can hear the leaves rustle). It’s magical. A Maine summer can fill a heart with just enough hope to get the locals through her winter. If you come here only for the summer, you could last a few years any where else on the joy that will have filled your soul. It’s sorta like cheating if you don’t winter here. By visiting Maine in the summer, you can set the balance of joy in your favor.

I’m in love with my home state.

Hooligan Heart

Here is a song by Miss Hazel. Her lovely voice sings backing vocals on many of my songs. She also played a lot of keyboard tracks, and bass tracks. Here she is singing and playing ukulele. She told me that this song was inspired from the books, How To Train Your Dragon. I made the creepy animated doll video. Your welcome.

I Am Alive ~ YouTube

I am slow but surely getting my crazy animated videos up for my songs. As I complete each one I post it on YouTube into a playlist. Listen to my new album, I Am Alive, and watch my strange animated videos. Thank you!

Close Your Eyes

2020 was really tough on my family. My sister is a nurse, and she had her elderly mom and dad living with her. Between tests, she caught and brought home Covid, and both her parents got it and died, including the cat! It was a huge loss to our family, and we are all still a bit lost and confused.

My aunt and uncle are now my only elders. I was talking with my aunt and she asked me if I believed in a Heaven where we are all reunited with our loved ones. I told her that I believe that whatever we believe our brain gives us. Our last few seconds of life feel like an eternity on the other side. I told her that I believed we close our eyes and we see the one we love. I believe our loved ones come and get us. Where they bring us really doesn’t matter, as long as we are together.

This song is about that. Wishing we had more time with the ones we love, and wishing we get that time with them in an afterlife. So often we fall down the wishing well of life with good intentions, but get swept away and not ever notice how many dreams have passed us by. Time is what people want more of. It’s the only real currency. We want more time so we can spend it with the ones we love.

We can only hope that all those things we wish we had done during life are still possible in Heaven. The only regrets we have on our death bed are the things we wished we had done, but didn’t, even though all the elements were within our grasp. This is a reminder to take some time for the ones you love while you are still on this side of life. Include yourself in there too. I really want to thank you for listening to my songs about love and life. From my heart to yours. Big hugs for all!

I Come To Maine

I was born in Augusta, Maine in 1964. That’s a long time ago. I graduated MICA art school in the mid 80s, moved to the Bay Area of California, and began pining away for my home state. I would return most summers to work in the arts and crafts department at summer camps, so I had a way home each year to see my folks, friends, and the state of Maine.

I love Maine. The crystal clear lakes, fresh air, trees, good people, and lots and lots of nature to challenge and impress how great life really is. It’s not easy to live in Maine. Winters are long and cold. You must really love it here to live here all year. Most folks enjoy the summer, and call Maine, Vacationland. Summers were not enough for my family and I. After a few visits, the wee one fell in love with Maine, so we moved here about 10 years ago. It’s nice to be home. Sure, sometimes I miss California weather, but far too often I am overwhelmed at how beautiful and wild it is here in Maine. It keeps me inspired and humble.

This song is about many of the things I love about Maine. The seasons, autumn leaves, coastal waters, clean lakes and rivers, nature hikes, loons, seagulls, and that excited feeling of waking up to a blanket of white fresh snow fall outside. If you have never been to Maine, maybe it’s time. We’ll keep the kettle warm for ya.

Potato Song

This video came out way more disturbing than I ever intended, but I decided to just go with it. I found this nifty set of Potato Head accessories (for real potatoes) at Goodwill, and one thing led to another, and here you go. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I want to thank Miss Hazel and the Blue Team Harmony Box (Jasmine and Malaya) for the lovely backing vocals on this track. We are hungry for potato! Song and animation by Jay~

Live Show at Taboo Taqueria

Live show. Jay sings Bunches and Bunches from the new album, I Am Alive. Miss Hazel sings her song, Hooligan Heart, at Taboo Taqueria in Rockport, Maine.

I Am Alive – the video

Here is the video for the title track to my new album, I Am Alive. You can listen to it all on Spotify.

Covid really freaked me out. I think it freaked everyone out to some degree. The entire world was concerned about the same thing for the first time in my life. I lost my Dad to covid, and a few other family members. Losing them made me want to live. Recording this album was one of my bucket list items I promised myself to work on. Sheltering at home gave me time to record my songs.

It wasn’t the threat of disease and illness that freaked me out most, I feared the human over reaction. I feared the errors humans would cause in attempting to protect themselves and others. I feared the weird social pressures, people turning on one another for their personal approach to the situation. I fear dangerous untested vaccines, I fear big pharma using the pandemic for their gains, and all that ugly agenda stuff only humans seem to get wrapped up in.

When I look back at history, it is people that cause all the problems, not nature. Just saying. Of all the wars, abuse, neglect, torture, hatred, racist or sexist behavior, all that is human territory. So it turns out, I don’t trust anyone with enough power who happens to believe they have the right to harm others in any way. I don’t trust billionaires, drug companies, militias, or governments. I tend to trust teachers, kids, moms, farmers, and regular folk like that. I’ve never seen any of those people drop bombs on other people.

This song is about all that.

Far Away From Home

I have been a camp counselor in the arts and crafts room since 1984. That’s about 3 generations, so now I teach the kids of my kids from the 80’s. They all look like their moms! It’s a bit surreal.

Because I love all things summer camp, I write a lot of campfire songs while I am there. Go Gray! Sorry, I lose my head when I start to think about camp.

This song is about all the insecurities that flood my brain before each summer. Being a camp counselor is a really hard job, but you usually end up meeting the best friends of your entire life, so it’s worth it. The balance between extreme difficult conditions and amazing people to suffer along side, really creates a bond that is like none other. Spend 8 weeks without a break in the woods of Maine with a bunch of strangers, and you will see that at the end of the 8 weeks, you will be strangers no more. It gets ugly, and it gets beautiful. The mix can be overwhelming. I love it.

I would like to thank Wiggly Loaf and Camp Wiggly for the animation in this video. Check out the Wiggly Loaf mobile games at: WigglyLoaf.com

This is a song from my new album, I Am Alive, and I beg you to check it out while I still am. Thanks in advance. Jay~