My mix – so far…

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This is just a few seconds under 30 minutes. These are my 8 favorites, and I’m having a tough time with order. I really believe a CD has to transition smooth, and feel like some sort of story is being told. This is the best I can come up with, but I keep changing it, and listening to it for a better mix. We just need the songs we haven’t recorded yet, and then it will all come together. Since I’m traveling to Maine, this is the mix I’m taking with me. I’ll be back in CA end of August so Mark and I can finish this project. Until then, anyone got a better playing order for these 8 songs?

To download our new tunes, simply right click each one and “Save Target As” to your desk top. Then right click the mp3 files on your desk top and “Open With” iTunes or other music player.


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  1. jason Avatar

    I just finished listening to all of the songs in order. The songs sound even better when they are put together in a mix. They all fit together perfectly.

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