All Alone. Latest song by Rain Station.

All AloneIt is indeed a wonderous thing when Mr. Mark Harvey comes to play his guitars. It’s not easy getting both of us in the same room at the same time, but when it happens, I think it’s what we’re on earth to do. Make music together. Here’s another fun clunky ditty we put together for you to listen to. With your ears.



4 responses to “All Alone. Latest song by Rain Station.”

  1. This is so refreshing. I have the headphones on, I'm listening to the track, and I'm just riding down a river. Thank you for the gift!

  2. Mark Harvey Avatar
    Mark Harvey

    Jay…I'm really digging this track. After the party at your house I visited checking to see if any new tracks appeared (or maybe a video of the "jam"), but hadn't checked in few days. We gotta get together more (and I know this is my issue) so we can continue to rack up tracks for this project. This might be my favorite so far.

  3. Hoagie Malone Avatar
    Hoagie Malone

    My girls love the track as well. I'm very pleased how it all worked out. Those strange moments became interesting moments… and that's a good thing! Often the track with all the quirky stuff either end up on the cutting room floor, or they end up working out. Summer Home was one of those that worked out. This gives us about 30 minutes of music (not including many – I'm only counting my favorites). Three more gems, and we have enough to release a new disc…

  4. Mark Harvey Avatar
    Mark Harvey

    Sounds good Jay. Looking forward to your return to the Bay.

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