I’m Getting Spooky

Click photo for videoIt’s October and Mark came over to record, and since Rain Station can only record Halloween Music during the month of October, we did just that. We recorded a Halloween tune. Now it’s been a couple years since we’ve recorded a Halloween themed song, and it felt good Gettin’ Spooky once again with Mark.

Here’s the FREE MP3 track RS-06: I’m Getting Spooky
OK, I listened to the first mix on my big stereo system and I wanted to tweak Mark’s vocals so I could understand each word better. So here’s the song AGAIN… let me know if this is a better mix!
I’m Getting Spooky (RS-06.1)


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  1. S-S-Spooky! A new Rain Station Halloween song fresh from the oven. It tastes like punkin seeds! With 2 weeks left in October, I can't think of a better time to start gettin' spookay than right now. Thanks guys.

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