Halloween Animation

Halloween AnimationI wanted to celebrate my repaired hard drive with a brand new Halloween Animation. This is Monster Hunter by Rain Station. From the Halloween themed CD, Dark Ride. I just finished Flashin’ it up, and here it is. Halloween is a great time of year, so get out your chainsaw with Monster Hunter and party it up. Now that the Haunted Hard Drive has been repaired by the kind folk in Toronto, Mark and I can get back to working on our latest music project. Maybe… you see… Now that the holidays are here, time is going to be hard to find. Mark, are you out there? Have fun Trick O’ Treatin’ and I hope to see you soon! Happy Halloween everyone, and to all boys and ghouls a good night!


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  1. Mark Harvey Avatar
    Mark Harvey

    Jay – I'm so stoaked to see a new video…love it. Yeah, I'm out here, but I'll tell ya, things at work have been ROUGH (and I mean, ROUGH). I'm working 12 – 13 hours a day, then taking care of the family and this week I get to work on Saturday too. Lucky me. I'll try and steal some time away and head over to see ya. "Need to get out of the East Bay…I almost lost my cool today…"

  2. More flash comin' at ya! Thank you, Jay. Happy October to you. I can now sleep a little better knowing that the Monster Hunter is out there protecting us from all of the creatures of the night, especially during October when evil activity ramps up by 200%.

    I knew that the hard drive would be restored. I just had faith y’know. Good always triumphs over evil. Thank you Monster Hunter! I knew you could do it!

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