I Am Alive – the video

Here is the video for the title track to my new album, I Am Alive. You can listen to it all on Spotify.

Covid really freaked me out. I think it freaked everyone out to some degree. The entire world was concerned about the same thing for the first time in my life. I lost my Dad to covid, and a few other family members. Losing them made me want to live. Recording this album was one of my bucket list items I promised myself to work on. Sheltering at home gave me time to record my songs.

It wasn’t the threat of disease and illness that freaked me out most, I feared the human over reaction. I feared the errors humans would cause in attempting to protect themselves and others. I feared the weird social pressures, people turning on one another for their personal approach to the situation. I fear dangerous untested vaccines, I fear big pharma using the pandemic for their gains, and all that ugly agenda stuff only humans seem to get wrapped up in.

When I look back at history, it is people that cause all the problems, not nature. Just saying. Of all the wars, abuse, neglect, torture, hatred, racist or sexist behavior, all that is human territory. So it turns out, I don’t trust anyone with enough power who happens to believe they have the right to harm others in any way. I don’t trust billionaires, drug companies, militias, or governments. I tend to trust teachers, kids, moms, farmers, and regular folk like that. I’ve never seen any of those people drop bombs on other people.

This song is about all that.


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