Tony’s Bass Tracks

Hey so the Long Distance Jamming Experiment works, and it’s easy for Tony to add bass tracks to our project, and simply email us the bass. Once I drag it to GarageBand, it just works the way we had hoped. Tony emailed two different mp3 files. One with just a bass track added, and another in a “Googin On Beast mix”. Here they are:



3 responses to “Tony’s Bass Tracks”

  1. She’s alive….. ALIVE!!!

  2. Hoagie Malone Avatar
    Hoagie Malone

    That’s exactly how I felt when it all synched together so easily. Drag and drop baby! Jason – you are like Rain Station’s only fan… where are you from? How did you find us, this site is only a week old! Welcome aboard!

  3. Hey Jay, I’m from San Diego and I just respect what you guys do. I wasn’t blessed with a musical bone, which is why I’m so envious of those who are… why you little bleep!! (just kidding)

    I found this site through Mark Harvey’s blog. He’s been really generous with his music, which I am so thankful for. Thanks to him, I’ve become very familiar with Rain Station. I just think you guys are a talented bunch. I own the Dark Ride album and I love it.

    I’m glad you guys are making music again. I think it’s good for the soul. Also, I’m pretty sure you have other supporters out there… they’re just lurking in the shadows.

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