Rain Station Underground


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  1. Hoagie Malone Avatar
    Hoagie Malone

    Let me tell you what I know about these songs.

    Door To Door is about my friend Matt that was homeless for a couple years. He would live in shelters, and at times live in vehicles when he could get one. He seemed fine, but it freaked me out. I was doing the whole married, raising a kid stuff, and he was still partying a lot, going out dancing in clubs and having no place to go to, sleeping in the park. I worried about him on cold nights, and often wondered where he was. It gave me a lot to think about.

    Sad Silence is my Neil Young Cortez the Killer. The music Mark put down hit me with a vibe. The Sitar to me was India in the lost minds of the Spanish, while the local Natives looked on to these odd people that arrived by large strange ships. The elders knowing nothing would ever be the same, the inevitable loss of their culture and way of life. Myself having Dutch, Irish, and Native American blood, I have a feel for the chemical reaction of human life on earth.

    Obstacles is about Mark Harvey, and how hard it is for the two of us to ever find the time to get together in the same place at the same time. When we are lucky enough, we record these songs for you all to enjoy. We don’t ask why, it’s just what we do.

    Hold Your Love. It’s not just a song, it’s good advice. Just do it, and you’ll know why.

    Think About Gum is an instruMENTAL for John Murray, originator of the Think About Gum philosophy and all it entails.

    Give the World is me pep talking me. Art is a strange thing. Not only do you have to create art, you have to also charge it with power. Give it a story, lore, or news worthy side note beyond the art piece itself. Often it is the artist for sale not the work. People have to shake hands to transfer some of that power. I met him, I like him sort of stuff. Public performances and displays are a big hand shake. Ever wonder when you like something, what gives it that power? How do you give something that power? You’ve got a lot to give the world.

    Complicated Man? is Mark’s song, and the question mark in the title is the biggest mystery to me. Mark, tell me more about that song…

    Underground is a song about my art studio, but in a sci-fi comic book post apocalypse sort of way. In all my days my art studio has always been in some cement basement with limited windows. Dank spaces lit by light bulbs, with lots of art tools, clay, kiln. I’m so happy in the places where most people would store potatoes all winter. I figure no matter how much money I make, I’ll always be able to afford a windowless dark cement basement, so I’m all good. I imagine myself happily crafting in my cement bunker waiting for the fallout to dissipate.

    Smiling White is about truth. Pure, simple, indisputable naked truth. When truth hits you, your face may smile so hard it hurts. Of course, this statement has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so what do I know?

    Get it on! ~ J.E.Moores aka Hoagie Malone

  2. So…Complicated Man? you ask…is about the feeling of being totally happy and totally unhappy at the same time. A feeling of loss when you have so much. It really is unfair when you have so much of what you want yet you want more of what you wish you had. And then you feel guilty for wanting more. It IS complicated.

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