Guitar tracks: Give The World

Mark adds a second guitar track onto RS-05, which later became Give The World. Here you can hear the entire drum track that is cut down much shorter in the final mix. The beat had a strange bit, where it attempts to go into another beat, but quickly changes it’s mind, and just stays in the same rhythm. I knew I was going to cut the track, but Mark wanted to give me as much meat and potato as he could. Mr. Harvey is a patient man, and as weird as the drum beat was, he gets it after a couple takes.


One response to “Guitar tracks: Give The World”

  1. Cool, this is interesting. That little riff that Mark does is so beautiful. I’m not sure you can hear it here, but I also like when the tambourine kicks in. Man, I’m enjoying this, but what’s most important is that you guys are having fun.

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