Get Outta The Way (RS-16.1)

M-Audio gearI’ve lived several places where driving can make you crazy. Miami, L.A., Bay Area, Washington D.C., NY City… it’s a mad house out there – A MAD HOUSE!!! Seems like everything you want to do is some kind of crazy drive. Traffic, rush hour the sun in your eyes… is there no end to it all?

Here’s the song: RS-16.1.mp3
Lyrics to: Get Outta The Way


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  1. You definitely captured the imagery of driving with this song. This is a different pitched version. I like both of them.

  2. Hoagie Malone Avatar
    Hoagie Malone

    When we record this way, we are making it all up as we go. I often come up with lyrics just by ad libbing stuff into the mic. I do it over and over until I begin to feel words, riffs, hooks. I use a falsetto voice so I can hear it over the music easy to get a feel for words. It’s also rather silly, so it loosens me up a bit, so I’m not taking myself too seriously. I record improv vocal tracks over and over, and when it hits me, I just write it all down. It’s a weird process. I know that the falsetto voice frightens Mark. I get a bit Miss Piggy, but hey… I LOVE Miss Piggy. That chick rocks. Come to think of it, Mark and I have always done two things well together. We play music together, and we put on one heck of a puppet show. Somehow it all comes together.

  3. Haha! Oh, ok. I see now. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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