Live Show at Taboo Taqueria

Live show. Jay sings Bunches and Bunches from the new album, I Am Alive. Miss Hazel sings her song, Hooligan Heart, at Taboo Taqueria in Rockport, Maine.

I Am Alive – the video

Here is the video for the title track to my new album, I Am Alive. You can listen to it all on Spotify.

Covid really freaked me out. I think it freaked everyone out to some degree. The entire world was concerned about the same thing for the first time in my life. I lost my Dad to covid, and a few other family members. Losing them made me want to live. Recording this album was one of my bucket list items I promised myself to work on. Sheltering at home gave me time to record my songs.

It wasn’t the threat of disease and illness that freaked me out most, I feared the human over reaction. I feared the errors humans would cause in attempting to protect themselves and others. I feared the weird social pressures, people turning on one another for their personal approach to the situation. I fear dangerous untested vaccines, I fear big pharma using the pandemic for their gains, and all that ugly agenda stuff only humans seem to get wrapped up in.

When I look back at history, it is people that cause all the problems, not nature. Just saying. Of all the wars, abuse, neglect, torture, hatred, racist or sexist behavior, all that is human territory. So it turns out, I don’t trust anyone with enough power who happens to believe they have the right to harm others in any way. I don’t trust billionaires, drug companies, militias, or governments. I tend to trust teachers, kids, moms, farmers, and regular folk like that. I’ve never seen any of those people drop bombs on other people.

This song is about all that.

Far Away From Home

I have been a camp counselor in the arts and crafts room since 1984. That’s about 3 generations, so now I teach the kids of my kids from the 80’s. They all look like their moms! It’s a bit surreal.

Because I love all things summer camp, I write a lot of campfire songs while I am there. Go Gray! Sorry, I lose my head when I start to think about camp.

This song is about all the insecurities that flood my brain before each summer. Being a camp counselor is a really hard job, but you usually end up meeting the best friends of your entire life, so it’s worth it. The balance between extreme difficult conditions and amazing people to suffer along side, really creates a bond that is like none other. Spend 8 weeks without a break in the woods of Maine with a bunch of strangers, and you will see that at the end of the 8 weeks, you will be strangers no more. It gets ugly, and it gets beautiful. The mix can be overwhelming. I love it.

I would like to thank Wiggly Loaf and Camp Wiggly for the animation in this video. Check out the Wiggly Loaf mobile games at:

This is a song from my new album, I Am Alive, and I beg you to check it out while I still am. Thanks in advance. Jay~

Barely Alive

I tend to be a perfectionist. Usually a promise from me is as good as done. When things fall apart, and failure is unavoidable, I tend to stress out. I don’t like to brand myself with failure. I want to reach my goal and accomplish the things I set out to achieve.

This song is about those times when my word meant nothing. When I did not do as I said, for whatever reason. When things went wrong. In troubled times such as this, all I have is the chance to react properly to the mistake. When I step up to fix it, to erase the error, all I can hope is that people believe I am trying with all I have, to do what is right. To do as I promised.

I put so much pressure on myself, but it’s because I care. You have no idea what I put myself through. Maybe this song will help explain. Peace out, much love. Jay ~

Bucket List Miracles

Hey, Jay here. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. I got caught up in all of it. Covid scared me. I lost my Dad, and I got all reflective. There were so many things I wish I had done when there was a world. I lamented that I didn’t play enough music. I did the family thing, raised the child, loved the woman, paid the bills, washed the dishes. But now, the kids are all grown up and I’m an empty nester looking to redefine myself.

When I was younger I loved being in bands and playing out. I’m a 70’s child, and everyone wanted to be a rock star back then. During the pandemic lock down, there were no venues to play, and I felt a sudden major loss. A loss of all the things I wish I had done when I could have, and now that I couldn’t, I really felt the loss. The maybe someday was always there for me, but once that was taken away, it freaked me out. I really like sharing my music with the kind folk. I have found the best way to lift my own heart is to lift the heart of others. You all take this wonderful ride up together and it’s magical. I need to get back to that sort of exchange, pronto!

There were no music studios open, so while sheltering at home I decided to record songs on my kid’s Mac using GarageBand. I invited my family to add backing vocals, keyboard, and bass tracks. I recorded in the living room next to Cosmo, our dog. You can hear him on a few of the tracks. I love that old dog.

I like the art and design on old vinyl LP records from the past, and modeled my project as a concept album intended to be listened to as a whole, if that’s your thing, or feel free to enjoy your favorite track. Listen now, click link below for samples and links to Spotify, iTunes etc:

Jay E Moores ~ I Am Alive

Things are beginning to open up. We have been invited to play at a small local venue, here in our little Maine village. It seems like a miracle. A bucket list miracle to have a new set of music, ready to play, and finally, a place and audience to play for. Please come out to see us if you are in the area, and give the new project a listen at the link above.

That’s A Man

Music from, I Am Alive, by Jay E Moores and his horse Travis. Available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube…

Broom Hopping Video Game

Broom Hopping


Hey we are very happy to share our latest Halloween Video Game for iOS and Android called: Broom Hopping! This game was inspired by the Rain Station song of the same name from the CD, Dark Ride. Help the kitty hop hop hop from broom stick to broom stick as the witches fly past. It’s fun. Download for free! Check out more Rain Station Halloween music, animation, and games at: JackOLantern.ORG ~ Happy Halloween!