End Of A Long Vacation

Maine has claimed the name Vacationland on her license plates because in the few short weeks of the summer, life is as good as it gets on planet earth. Lucky folk migrate north east to our wild and wooly state, and brave the temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (with a mild breeze so you can hear the leaves rustle). It’s magical. A Maine summer can fill a heart with just enough hope to get the locals through her winter. If you come here only for the summer, you could last a few years any where else on the joy that will have filled your soul. It’s sorta like cheating if you don’t winter here. By visiting Maine in the summer, you can set the balance of joy in your favor.

I’m in love with my home state.

I Come To Maine

I was born in Augusta, Maine in 1964. That’s a long time ago. I graduated MICA art school in the mid 80s, moved to the Bay Area of California, and began pining away for my home state. I would return most summers to work in the arts and crafts department at summer camps, so I had a way home each year to see my folks, friends, and the state of Maine.

I love Maine. The crystal clear lakes, fresh air, trees, good people, and lots and lots of nature to challenge and impress how great life really is. It’s not easy to live in Maine. Winters are long and cold. You must really love it here to live here all year. Most folks enjoy the summer, and call Maine, Vacationland. Summers were not enough for my family and I. After a few visits, the wee one fell in love with Maine, so we moved here about 10 years ago. It’s nice to be home. Sure, sometimes I miss California weather, but far too often I am overwhelmed at how beautiful and wild it is here in Maine. It keeps me inspired and humble.

This song is about many of the things I love about Maine. The seasons, autumn leaves, coastal waters, clean lakes and rivers, nature hikes, loons, seagulls, and that excited feeling of waking up to a blanket of white fresh snow fall outside. If you have never been to Maine, maybe it’s time. We’ll keep the kettle warm for ya.

Bucket List Miracles

Hey, Jay here. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. I got caught up in all of it. Covid scared me. I lost my Dad, and I got all reflective. There were so many things I wish I had done when there was a world. I lamented that I didn’t play enough music. I did the family thing, raised the child, loved the woman, paid the bills, washed the dishes. But now, the kids are all grown up and I’m an empty nester looking to redefine myself.

When I was younger I loved being in bands and playing out. I’m a 70’s child, and everyone wanted to be a rock star back then. During the pandemic lock down, there were no venues to play, and I felt a sudden major loss. A loss of all the things I wish I had done when I could have, and now that I couldn’t, I really felt the loss. The maybe someday was always there for me, but once that was taken away, it freaked me out. I really like sharing my music with the kind folk. I have found the best way to lift my own heart is to lift the heart of others. You all take this wonderful ride up together and it’s magical. I need to get back to that sort of exchange, pronto!

There were no music studios open, so while sheltering at home I decided to record songs on my kid’s Mac using GarageBand. I invited my family to add backing vocals, keyboard, and bass tracks. I recorded in the living room next to Cosmo, our dog. You can hear him on a few of the tracks. I love that old dog.

I like the art and design on old vinyl LP records from the past, and modeled my project as a concept album intended to be listened to as a whole, if that’s your thing, or feel free to enjoy your favorite track. Listen now, click link below for samples and links to Spotify, iTunes etc:

Jay E Moores ~ I Am Alive

Things are beginning to open up. We have been invited to play at a small local venue, here in our little Maine village. It seems like a miracle. A bucket list miracle to have a new set of music, ready to play, and finally, a place and audience to play for. Please come out to see us if you are in the area, and give the new project a listen at the link above.