Diabolique: Get Your Spook On

Diabolique Magazine

Heather Drain and Diabolique Magazine were kind enough to include Rain Station Dark Ride in their list of must own Halloween CDs. Check out, Music To Get Your Spook On. You can listen to the Dark Ride CD or watch the Halloween Animations at JackOLantern.ORG ~ So glad to be included (we’re number two on the list), Mark and I love this time of year. Rain Station = Halloween!!!!

Nine million years of JEM Songs

Music and Lyrics by J.E.Moores

I’ve been writing little ditties and songs since 1986 in journals. Some of those songs became recordings for Rain Station, Time Brats, and other musical projects. All my journals are hand written, and I was concerned that if I ever lost them, I would lose my songs. So I took a few days and wrote them all out and made a JEM Song Book. Now I have a handy back up copy of all my songs from 1986-2014 in PDF format where ever there is an internet connection. I hope others will enjoy playing some of these little songs I wrote.

Have FUN!


Jam With Me!

Jam with me!

Hey, I needed to make a little room for our latest project, so I have deleted all these nifty drum tracks and are on with the RSRP, the Rain Station Remote Project.